Eurojackpot Results & Odds 14.01.2022

Current Eurojackpot winning numbers - Find out the official Eurolotto result and odds and compare them with your own lottery numbers.

Eurojackpot 14.01.2022

Eurojackpot Figures from Friday 14.01.2022


Eurojackpot Quoten vom Friday 14.01.2022

The Eurojackpot jackpot on 14.01.2022 was 34 million. In total, there were 0 jackpot winners and 960,710 winners in all prize categories. The total amount paid out in winnings in this draw was: 12.90 million Eur

Class (hit) Eurojackpot Odds Eurojackpot Winner
I (5+1) 34,000,000.00 € 0x
II (5+1) 1,057,442.10 € 2x
III (5+0) 149,285.90 € 5x
IV (4+2) 4,607.50 € 54x
V (4+1) 221.00 € 1013x
VI (4+0) 103.40 € 1683x
VII (3+2) 61.90 € 2411x
VIII (2+2) 21.80 € 35248x
IX (3+1) 17.20 € 43289x
X (3+0) 15.00 € 71003x
XI (1+2) 10.10 € 190939x
XII (2+1) 7.70 € 615063x

Eurojackpot numbers

What interests every new Eurojackpot player are the Eurojackpot numbers and the Eurojackpot odds. If you have never played Eurolotto yourself, or are even a lottery novice in general, you are certainly wondering which Eurojackpot winning numbers have the greatest chances of success and how to hit the "right five + two" most quickly and reliably. On this page you will not only find the correct Eurolotto numbers of the current or last week, but also the current jackpot.

We have also prepared a table for you in which you can see all the important information about the last draw at a glance. This gives you a perfect insight into the Eurojackpot prize categories, the Eurojackpot payouts and odds, and at the same time allows you to understand exactly how the lottery works.

Eurojackpot odds

In the left column of the Eurojackpot odds table you can see all Eurojackpot prize classes from 1 to 12. Next to it you can see which requirements you have to fulfil in order to reach the respective class. In the next column you can see the Eurojackpot odds, which correspond to the Eurojackpot payout in the respective prize category and in the last column you can see how many players have reached the Eurojackpot category in the current draw.

Eurojackpot - payout of winnings

How are Eurojackpot winnings paid out?

If you have placed your bet at a lottery kiosk, the winnings can be paid out in cash there. However, this is only possible up to a certain amount. This limit depends on the federal state. Therefore, please observe the regulations that apply to your federal state. In Berlin, for example, you can have a prize of up to 500 euros paid out in cash. In Hesse, on the other hand, the limit is 5,000 euros.

If you would like to have your Eurojackpot winnings paid out online and you have played Eurojackpot on the Internet with a trustworthy lottery provider, e.g. LottoStar24, or Tipp24 you can do this yourself in the account overview of your player account. With LottoStar24, winnings of up to €2,330.00 can be paid out automatically within two banking days, so you don't have to worry about state limits in this case.

What should I do if I win a large Eurojackpot?

A high prize is a so-called central prize. This means that you can withdraw your winnings only after you have filled in a central prize form. This includes the bank details and the winner's address in case the prize is to be sent in the form of a check.
The winnings will be paid out only after the central office has received the form and the corresponding game invoice. You can also submit the documents to the receiving office, which will then forward them to the head office.

In case of a jackpot win, you usually need to contact the customer support of your Eurojackpot provider. Usually it is the place or website where you bought your ticket. The customer support will then contact you directly and discuss the next steps with you. Remember, in case of a jackpot win, it is best to stay calm and keep the win a secret until you receive proper support from the lottery provider.

Do I have to pay taxes on the Eurojackpot winnings?

The question comes up again and again: What about taxes on lottery winnings? The answer is always as simple as it is ambiguous. Lottery winnings are tax-free in Germany, provided they were also won in Germany. However, this tax exemption only applies to the winning of the amount of money itself, not to any related income. At the same time, it only applies to lottery winnings in Germany. Should you play Eurolotto outside Germany, Eurojackpot taxes could be due depending on the country.